Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

It’s such a fine line. There are moments when I come home from work and it’s quiet in my apartment and I assume I’m lonely because I’m alone. Then there are weekends when I have absolutely no plans and I stay in PJs for two days in a row. While sometimes that’s something we all need, other times, I desperately want someone else there.

The truth is, since I am alone, I am never sure when I am just alone or I’m lonely. I definitely know the feeling of being around people and still feeling lonely. It’s so hard to tell when you live alone and you’re single. Most days, I enjoy the time I have to myself. I like not being accountable to anyone’s time or having family obligations (pros of living six hours away from family). Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely days when I enjoy having plans and the company of others. There are just days where time goes by slowly and I can’t help but think about how lonely I am. I don’t believe today was one of those days, but weekends leave me with being alone with my thoughts for two days. It’s always struggle to be social at work Mondays after so much alone time.

I don’t necessarily believe one is worse or better than the other. I just keep hearing there’s a difference between being lonely and alone. I know it’s a fine line, but I don’t know where that line is.


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