Here Again

So, I effectively neglected this blog for a full year. I tell myself it was never intentional. Seriously, I did a ton of things last year. I finished my grad program. I had my first adult vacation in California with a great person. I picked up my life and moved away from my comfort zone that was western NY for seven years to a place where I know absolutely no one and I’m building a life I’m so incredibly happy with.

Let’s take a look at my goals from last year:

  • Eat & sleep well. Indulge a little.
    • Okay, so I slacked on this. I indulged a bit too much.
  • Enjoy the little things.
    • Definitely did this, but could have done more.
  • Celebrate the little victories even if I’m my own cheering section.
    • This was so important. Definitely did this.
  • Stop comparing – what other people think of me or do is none of my business.
    • Check!
  • Exercise regularly for a whole year.
    • um…
  • Stop texting so much and call more often.
    • I discovered the other person totally has to be willing.
  • Let the little things go. If it doesn’t matter in five years then it doesn’t matter.
    • Still true.
  • Never lower my standards for anything. I have standards for a reason.
    • This has created lots of stressful situations with my work, but I still stick to it.
  • Never wait for others to encourage me to do something – just do it.
    • Every day of my life.
  • Take a risk. I may live to regret it, but at least I lived.
    • I freaking moved my whole life

The best part of not writing here for a year is rereading that list a year later and actually being pleased with how well I did in some of those areas. I am most proud of taking a risk. I firmly believe that making the move to the Boston area was one of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken.I was craving adventure and wanted to do something that scared me.

The past six months have been full of so much learning about what’s important to me. While I do not believe I love my job as much as I expected to, I would make the decision a million times. I found such amazing friends (rather unexpectedly) and met someone who makes me so incredibly happy, but has challenged me to be better each day.

So, my list for this year is much shorter.

  1. Wake up earlier to take advantage of having breakfast, coffee and writing. Yes, writing here (or at least reading for inspiration).
    • I started this because I was inspired by my friend Jackie. She’s great with it. I want to keep with it this year.
  2. Pay more attention to my finances since I will be finally getting an apartment that that’s not provided as part of my employment compensation.
  3. Eat & sleep well. I’ll thank myself in a year.
  4. Continue to take risks and rise. I’m capable of more than I realize.
    • Part of this includes having more honest interactions with others. Even if they do not respond well, I’m a better person when I say what I feel.
  5. Do something that makes me happy each day – even on that tough days.



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