My Annual Post

Seriously, I hate that I take a hiatus away from this. I think I would be much happier if I wrote more consistently.  What made me come back this time is that someone commented on a post for 2014 that I wrote about being a toxic friend. That comment gave me a little motivation to try my hand at this again because she said it truly helped her. That’s something right?

Well, let’s do our annual look back at my resolutions from last year:

  1. Wake up earlier to take advantage of having breakfast, coffee and writing. Yes, writing here (or at least reading for inspiration).
    • I started this because I was inspired by my friend Jackie. She’s great with it. I want to keep with it this year.
  2. Pay more attention to my finances since I will be finally getting an apartment that that’s not provided as part of my employment compensation.
  3. Eat & sleep well. I’ll thank myself in a year.
  4. Continue to take risks and rise. I’m capable of more than I realize.
    • Part of this includes having more honest interactions with others. Even if they do not respond well, I’m a better person when I say what I feel.
  5. Do something that makes me happy each day – even on that tough days.

Well, we all know how that first one turned out. However, I did get that apartment that I wanted. I did not eat as well, but I took more advantage of sleeping more. I think the fourth one was the most important on the list. I took a huge risk and I quit my job in September. I’ll have to write about that one soon. And I’m slowly finding more things that I can do to stay happy – I am proud of my progression this one.

I haven’t put much thought into resolutions for this year. I want to be happier and healthy, that should count for something. I want to really put some roots down in Boston. I’ve made some really great friends and I want to harness that. I feel like my life is finally starting to take shape and that’s a good thing. I really want to start living my best life.



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