Being Independent and Knowing When to Ask for Help

It wasn’t until this past Friday that I realized what it means to be truly independent. Somehow, with my fear of the dentist, I went in to have my wisdom teeth removed. All four – include one cavity that needed to go too. Only an adult willingly goes to the dentist to have five teeth removed at one time. It was in that moment I realized how adult I really am. However, the aftermath made me realize just how independent I am and have been for awhile.

Most people will have a significant other, close friend or family take care of them after that type of procedure. It’s recommended the patient stays with someone for at least 24 hours for the sedative to fully wear off. Living alone six hours away from family, I don’t have a significant other, close friend or any sort of relative nearby to provide that type of care. Being independent also forces you to realize when you need depend on someone else and I had to bite the bullet to ask a co-worker to take me to and from the oral surgeon on Friday. The procedure went well and I had my apartment all set up for my return so all I had to do was sit on my couch with Netflix. Apparently, the anesthesia was awesome and I was bit loopy for about an hour or so after the procedure. I e-mailed my boss’ boss, I texted my ex-girlfriend for the first time in months and I may or may not have called the receptionist an annoying bitch because she kept talking as soon as I woke up. Fortunately, my co-worker has experienced wisdom teeth removal and knew that I would need someone to stay with me awhile. He took some time away from work and sat at my apartment kitchen table while I was on my couch feeling higher than a kite.

Once it wore off, I urged him to go. I was embarrassed he needed to stay in the first place. Since then, I’ve been quite good by myself. I’ve been remember to take medication when I’m supposed to, eating all the right foods and even drove to the grocery store this morning for more mashed potatoes and ice. While I’ve been pretty good so far in my recovery, I couldn’t help but realize that just because I can do things like this alone doesn’t mean I should. I should be a bit more proactive about knowing when I need help and when to ask for it. It doesn’t make me weak or annoying. If the person I ask is annoyed, then I’ve clearly asked the wrong person. I didn’t realize what a good friend I had in my co-worker before this weekend. While I’m proud that I can handle situations like this, it’s nice to know I don’t have to do it alone.